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    British Style Wall Swich
    British Type wall mount light switch box
    Detailed description
    British Standard wall switch and socket
    Material: PC,high quality brass, ABS
    Certification:CE,CCC ,ISO9001.
    Rated Voltage:AC220-240V/50Hz
    Maximum operating current:13A
    Rated trip current:30mA
    Typical Trip time:40mS
    Uk socket type
    Common characteristics
    There are sure characteristics common to British mains plugs and sockets meant for domestic use. The brass pins seem comparatively solid and enormous compared to others. British Standards for plugs (with the exception of Bachelor of Science 4573) have perpetually such as facet entry flex (entry in different sorts is sometimes parallel to the axes of the pins). Since 1934, the contacts of a socket are per terms of the pins of the plug, instead of by specifying the contact dimensions.The pins of each spherical pin and rectangular pin plugs are organized in an exceedingly triangular fashion, the world pin being the larger and longer pin at the apex. Earthed sockets are designed to be incompatible with two-pin plugs. each Bachelor of Science 546 and BS 1363 sockets, once viewed from the front with the world topmost, have the road aperture at the lower right.
    British plugs and sockets restrictive system
    A Statutory Instrument, the Plugs and Sockets etc. (Safety) laws 1987 was introduced to specifically regulate plugs and sockets within the uk. This was revised by the Plugs and Sockets etc. (Safety) laws 1994. The steerage notes to the 1994 laws state:
    The Plugs and Sockets, etc. (Safety) laws 1994 (the 鈥淩egulations鈥? were introduced to supply a restrictive regime to handle problems relating to shopper safety. there have been considerations that shopper safety was compromised by the substantial amount of counterfeit Associate in Nursingd unsafe electrical plugs and sockets being placed on the united kingdom market and conjointly by the supply of electrical instrumentality while not an applicable suggests that to attach it to the mains supply within the consumer鈥檚 home.
    The laws embody a demand that each one plug sorts should be tested and licensed by a appointive approval body (normally BSI, ASTA-Intertek or NEMKO). They conjointly need that each one mains appliances for domestic use within the UK be provided with approved Bachelor of Science 1363 plugs, however there’s Associate in Nursing exception for plugs fitted to shavers and toothbrushes that are unremarkably a UK shaver plug (BS 4573) but might also be a Europlug (BS linear unit 50075). The laws conjointly contain a provision for the approval of non-BS 1363 orthodox plugs once “the plugs are made exploitation another technique of construction that provides a similar level of safety in respect of any risk of death or personal injury to plugs which adjust to Bachelor of Science 1363 and is specified plugs of that kind could fairly be expected to be safe in use.” Certifying bodies have used this provision by developing their own standards for novel devices, therefore permitting the introduction of innovative developments; Associate in Nursing example is that the plastic ISOD (insulated shutter gap device) that was originally approved against either an ASTA Standard[18] or the Bachelor of ScienceI PAS 003 before changing into incorporated into BS 1363-1:1995.
    There is no international organisation regulation of domestic mains plugs and sockets; the Low Voltage Directive specifically excludes domestic plugs and sockets.[19] EU countries every have their own laws and national standards and metallic element marking is neither applicable nor permissible on plugs and sockets. Despite this metallic element Marking is usually fraudulently used, particularly on universal sockets UK Socket manufacturers