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    Who are we?
    We are Yancheng Jiafeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    What do you produce?
    We mainly design and produce high strength aluminum loading ramps that have strong aluminum materials, light weight and high capacity.
    Where are we?
    We are located in Jianhu Jiangsu Province China.
    The scope of application of our products:
    Our ramps are widely used for the loading/unloading of wheeled and tracked machines on/off vehicles or platforms.
    The parameters of the product:
    Product Code
    Length (mm)Outer Width (mm)Capacity (T/pair)
    Product features:
    1.Corrosion resistant
    We pick the aluminum material that has good corrosion resistance, and the users can rest assured when using the ramps outdoors
    2.Durable and long lasting
    We use high strength aluminum material with high compressive and tensile strength. Therefore, the ramps are very durable and long lasting.
    3.Light weighted
    The aluminum ramps are very light. Therefore it鈥檚 very convenient for the users to do the loading jobs with the ramps.
    4.Scope of application
    Suitable for the loading and unloading of the wheeled machines (two wheels, four wheels) and tracked machines (both rubber track and steel track)Customized Loader Ramps